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      Supporting= Connecting Choose from 4 Types of Donations
  Your participation will make the connection larger.
The donations will be used for the construction or activities of this facility.
We will send you our activity report regularly.
Donations to a social welfare corporation will be tax-exempt.
Please contact us by “Contact Form” if you want to apply income tax exemption.We will send you the procedure for that.
1. Join
“Support Network Members”

Please support us by ¥2,000 as an annual fee.
2.Donate Monthly
Choose monthly donation amount from ¥500 up to ¥5,000

1-year automatic withdrawal

3. Donate for the Construction
10,000yen/ unit
We will build fund for the construction.
Donations to a social welfare corporation will be tax-exempt.
4.Donate property or inheritance
Please contact us if you wish to help us by donating property or inheritance of loved one. This will be inheritance tax exempt.
Please Donate Us by 
A Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Postal Transfer (Domestic Only)
Donation by a Credit Card 
Choose the Type of Donations.
Types of Donations ①Annual Member 2000 yen
②Monthly Support   12 times
③Construction Support 10,000yen per a unit 

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注)Please make sure if your email address is correct, if not, you will miss receiving the notification email.
The item shown in the card usage detail will be a combination of letters of alphabet and numbers, and the phone number will be that of the credit agency.
You can donate by the following card companies
Donate through a bank transfer or postal transfar 
① Bank Transfer
 Kawasaki Shinkin Bank 
 Oshima Branch ordinary
 Account    0884943
 Name   Support group of Socialwelfare corporation Seikyu-Sha
     Bureau Chief  Keun Kim
 Please let us know after transaction.
②Postal Transfer
 No.Yokohama    00280-8-9282
 Name   Social welfare corporation Seikyu-Sha  

 Please write down the type of the donations on the transfer paper.

Contact: Consult procedures for tax exemption etc.

    Fill out the contents of your question or Call :044-XXX-XXXX
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Withdrawal Procedure  In case you leave the Monthly member

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