An institute of activities of elderly
and persons with disabilities
 Minna Home| Home for all
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Minna Home

To be opened
in 2020

4 Spaces

“Minna Home” (temporal) is a social welfare complex institution that acts as the base of operations and activities of the elderly and persons with disabilities conducted through “Seikyu-Sha.”
The purpose of this space is letting “everybody live with might and main” beyond the classification of “elderly” or “disabled”

1st Floor   Welcome Space “Manna”
— The Community Activity Support Center
We will have small welcoming events through the cooperation of persons with disabilities and businesses and people in the shopping street area, thus we can build up connections. We will approach isolated persons by obtaining various information and provide reach-out actions to connect counseling support with the related agencies.

2nd Floor
Space for Activities of Elderly and Day service
We will offer the elderly the place for daily routine activities. Elderly who need support in their daily life will spend time here with their own decisions respected.

3rd Floor
The Community Activity and Church Service
This space is mainly for the Sunday church service, but also for social contributions. We will work with persons with difficulties without administrative support. The social contributions we offer here are; learning support for children moving from overseas, having a local volunteer center and multipurpose room. Also, the chapel will be open as an event hall where local people can obtain learning opportunities of human rights and world peace and where we will be able to organize the larger community to help spread the message for the “All Living In Harmony” society.
4th Floor  The Rectory
We will have church service every week. Everybody can join at any time. We share the message of Christ in both Korean and Japanese.

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