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and persons with disabilities
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1.Making welcoming Environment
Promote connecting people by holding local events actively.
2.Activities of Elderly | Activities as a Museum of Local History with Elderly
Our town is located in an industrial zone and thus we had supported wars and the “development” of Japan by hard labor. We regard life histories of people in this town that remember the misery of the wars, discrimination and poverty as property for the future generations. We will learn with elderly persons surviving the harsh era and act as a Museum of Local History to remember and archive their experiences and memories.
3.Activities as “Harmony Messengers” with Persons with Disabilities | Activities of Persons with Disabilities
The shopping street in this town is like an “oasis” for the lonely elderly. For supporting that “oasis”, our members with disabilities will have events with shop owners of the street; this will spread the sense of sympathy for the elderly and thus promote a harmonious living community.
4.Leisure Activities in a “Hodgepodge” Environment for Enriching Present Moments | Leisure Activities
We will establish activities under a diverse environment where we let the elderly and persons with disabilities cherish and organize their leisure time.
5. Sharing the Work |Making Opportunities of Work
Making Opportunities of Work for Keeping Social Roles
Working is not only making money, but also participations in a society which can make people feel their life is worth living. We will provide the working place for the elderly who still want to hold jobs. We will challenge businesses to better our community by employing persons with difficulties and the elderly and support people, no matter who they are.

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